Solar Design Soft

SolarDesign, a design software, can assist you in designing your PV power station by offering major reference to you.

It can be used as follows:

1. Register a username and finish the confirmation;
2. Set the geographic location of your PV power station;
3. Pick out the type and quantity of Omnik inverters you bought;
4. Set the type and quantity of PV Module for inverters;
5. You can also calculate Return On Investment for this project;

After steps above, SolarDesign can calculate power station’s electric parameter and annual electric output.
It can also offer you a configurable report form to print the result out.


1. Contains all major cities’ meteorological data. Use a diagram to show radiation received by PV module every month;
2. PV module contains different manufactures’ products model;
3. Contains all Omnik inverters’ product data;
4. Assist you in optimizing your power station according to undesirable index shown by input parameter.


1. Run directly on the network. No need of installation. Easy to save information;
2. Can be used on systems as Apple, Windows, Linux;
3. Update database quickly.

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