• High Efficiency, High Reliability, High Stability
    Omnik PV inverter has two MPPT which can ensure the tracking accuracy up to 99.9% and make the inverters work more effective and flexible. Power loss caused by partial shadow can be minimized by using two MPPT, which means solar panels will produce more electricity than others. It's a more sensible choice to buy PV inverters from Omnik.
  • Adapt to any power grid
    Omnik inverter has a strong flittering ability because of our elite team's research, automatically detect the off-grid / on-grid mode, and access the smart grid load shifting, which can ensure minimum energy loss.
  • Not afraid of any bad environment
    Well-designed intelligent cooling system can maintain excellent heat dissipation, and always maintain the best performance in hot environments. High quality housing can provide the best protection for Omnik PV inverter's and electronic components. Each Omnik inverter has IP65 degree of protection, which guarantees that inverters installed indoors and outdoors maintain safe operation. Omnik inverters do not fear any harsh environment keeping it in the best working condition.
  • Best solution, Maximum pay-back
    Omnik focus is photovoltaic inverters with power no more than50kW. Every member working for Omnik is a PV inverter expert who can help you develop the most reasonable photovoltaic power plant solutions and bring you the highest return.
  • Flexible customization
    Omnik has powerful R&D capabilities and a professional technical team which can design any types of inverters based on your any requests. As our customer, you can enjoy the smart choices from 200w to 50kW range of Omnik solar inverter. We will give you the best advice and provide you the perfect solutions for your PV power plant according to you requirements.
  • Smart monitoring network
    Omnik is the first company in the world to have built-in WIFI card inside the inverter and a PMB can save all the important data of the sensor. Each inverter is equipped with RS485, RS232, USB and Ethernet standard interface. You can also choose to use WiFi kit and GPRS kit. Free Omnik monitoring software allows you to clearly view the output data with your computer and mobile device, and you can view solar production facilities and the public grid power supply at any time. Omnik also provide you with more smart grid management services.
  • Top logistics system
    Omnik cooperates with many leading logistics companies which can ensure the inverters reach to you safely and quickly. Meanwhile, you can see your logistics' situation through free, convenient and detailed logistics query system.
  • Customer oriented service
    Omnik services is based on the customer's feedback and requests. If the device isn't working well, the monitoring software will give us feedback automatically and our professional technical team can help you find out the reason of the fault. We'll replace the device if the fault is caused by the device. In addition, we also provide regular training to our partners and free solar design software make the intelligent power station more simple. Omnik strives to create a convenient, efficient and perfect brand inverter.