• Omnik inverters with out power 1kw-5kw can be used for any type of solar home systems.

    Omnik's products have high conversion efficiency, reliable quality, intelligent monitoring system and the best service, which will provide you with a memorable user experience and solutions.

  • For the big power station project and commercial roof project, Omnik can provide three phase inverters with the power range from 6kw to 50kW, which can meet any requests from grid operators all over the world.

    According to the solar panels' quantity and parameters, Omnik designs the most efficient inverters array.

  • Omnik can solve any problem, even in the remote place.

    Omnik will launch a new product--scenery complementary and off-grid inverter which be able to handle all of the load and power station management tasks.

  • Omnik Solutions
    Omnik photovoltaic PV station to provide comprehensive systematic solutions for you.
  • Solar Design
    As long as easily click of a mouse, you can get the most suitable Omnik photovoltaic equipment, to form your home or commercial plants.