Solar View

Solar View--Your Smartphone Monitoring Solution

iPhone, iPad & Android Application
After registration of the power station, you can input the key words “Omnik,solar, inverter, PV, energy ,plant, monitor” at the app store or Google Play, then you can download the Omnik solar (iPhone/Android) and Omnik Solar HD(iPad) applications.

For iPhone

For iPad

For Android

The free Omnik app for the easy viewing PV Data.
It is simple and user friendly is now available for your smartphone or Pad.
To use the app for your plant, please register your information on omnik portal web,
it support With an iPhone,iPad,Android to view it,SolarView users can monitor your system more easily than ever.
It provide rich graphics and the power output,generated energy and yield of the systems.
No matter what size your plant might have:solarview will give detailed information.
You may browse public Plant when you have not the Omnik account.

After installation input your user name and password, then visit your station, a free demo is supplied for the users who do not register, choose the power station and enter the main interface, then check the daily energy and other details. Meanwhile, you can view the relevant data in the form of curves and charts as below:
1. Log in
2. Power station list
3. Home
4. Daytime curve

Solar View-Offline Monitoring

No need of external network and save network traffic
Monitoring data is more intuitive and rich
LAN's speed is faster
Enjoy all the same rich functions compared with network mode

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    As long as easily click of a mouse, you can get the most suitable Omnik photovoltaic equipment, to form your home or commercial plants.