• SolarMAN Weather Station is specifically designed for solar PV systems, providing comprehensive environmental monitoring solution for users with a variety of sensors, including solar radiation, environmental temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, and back-of-module temperature, etc.

  • As an inverter manufacturer,Omnik also provides you a variety of PV Moduls and thin film panels, with them we can make the best solution for you.

  • According to the demand, customers can adjust the energy storage capacity easily.
    As an option, you can select the light, small size Li batteries.
    In addition, You can conveniently disassemble and easily transport.

  • Omnik Solutions
    Omnik photovoltaic PV station to provide comprehensive systematic solutions for you.
  • Solar Design
    As long as easily click of a mouse, you can get the most suitable Omnik photovoltaic equipment, to form your home or commercial plants.