• Solar Inverter

    Single-phase grid inverter in roof power generation provide the full range of solutions

      • Omniksol-1k /1.5k-TL-M
    • Solar Inverter 1k 1.5k 2k-TL2
      • Omniksol-1k/1.5k/2k-TL2
    • Solar Inverter 2.5k 3k-TL2-S
      • Omniksol-2.5k/3k-TL2-S
    • Solar Inverter 3k 4k 5k-TL2
      • Omniksol-3k/4k/5k-TL2
  • Three-Phrase Inverters

    Also provides solar inverters including Micro Inverters, Three-phrase inverters , etc, which enables it to provide you diversified solutions for choice.

    • Three-Phrase Inverters 6k 8k-TL2
      • Omniksol-5k-3P/6k/8k/9k/10K-TL2
    • Three-Phrase Inverters 13k 17k 20k-TL
      • Omniksol-13k/17k/20k-TL
  • Micro Inverters

    Omnik Solar micro inverter has extremely long service life and compact volume, and could support multiple connected and remote monitor to each moduels , convenient management. No afrid of shadow, it could greatly improve overall power station generation efficieny, let you own the highest return.
    • Micro Inverters M300
      • Omniksol-M300
    • Micro Inverters M600
      • Omniksol-M600
  • Solar Integrated System

    PV Integrated System covers the world's first Solar cart which is a mobile solar power station intergrating the function of on-grid, off-grid and Solar Storage.

    Solar Integrated System

    • Solar Cart


    • PV Module
    • Solar Storage
    • Solar Storage
  • Monitoring System

    Provides three simplest and the most convenient ways to monitor inverters,i.e.Wifi-Kit, GPRS-Kit and PMB.Through the monitoring tools and Omnik smart monitoring software, you can monitor the working state and generating records anytime,anywhere.

    • Wifi Kit
    • GPRS Kit
    • Micro Kit
Provides four softwares including Omnik View、Solar Design、Solar Portal、and Solar View, which can serves from mobile portal to power plant design,from smart monitoring to after sales.
Apart from its high efficiency, high reliablity and high stablity inverters and its monitoring tools, Omnik also provides you with the weather station, solar panel and storage battery, which can help you design a perfect PV power solution.