Omnik sponsors school’s environmental protection activities

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   (June.6th, 2013) Yesterday was the World Environment Day, "Creating Green District, and sharing ecological civilization" Environmental Protection Week activity was unveiled at Suzhou Experimental Middle School in Hi-Tech district.

Suzhou Experimental Middle School is the base of "resource recycling and environmental protection" course project. The students have been concerned about ecological civilization, and a strong interest in environmental protection.

This activity is sponsored  Omnik New Energy co., LTD. and Canadian Solar Inc..

The two companies showed their latest environmental technology products while Suzhou Experimental Middle School course base displayed their science educational outcomes. Two Environmental Protection Doctors from the two companies are invited t to explain the principles and prospects of environment friendly products to students. Thus, the students have knowledge of environment-friendly technology.

At the end of lectures, many students expressed their willingness to participate in environmental protection charity project and contribute to environmental protection. (Reported by Yuxue Yang)