Omnik solar Inverter has been selected in the list of innovative and high technology products by Jiangsu Hunan Science and Technology Bureau

Date: 11/22 Viewed (2647) Label: solar inverterPV modulesPV industry

Recently, the third group of” innovative and high technology products” campaign was held under the organization of Jiangsu Hunan Science and Technology Bureau, there were 406 products on the list after official selection. During the campaign, Omniksol solar inverter made a stand out figure and came to the top. The honor is a new success after Omniksol inverter obtained G83 certificate. Meanwhile, it also wrote a brushstroke with thick and heavy colors in the milestone of Omnik new energy co., company.

At present, the production of PV modules in China has ranked first in the world and the market share is over 38%, in which More than 90% modules have been exported overseas and installed for photovoltaic power used for connected into grid. As one of the cores in the Photovoltaic (PV) grid application, the development of module products in China is very completely now. While one of the other cores of PV industry: inverter still has a great disparity with foreign advanced technology.

After all kinds of inspections carried out by Jiangsu Hunan Science and Technology Bureau, Omniksol solar inverter ranked on the innovative and high technology products list, it signs that Omniksol PV inverter has reached the advanced level domestically in the application technology, what’s more, our R&D(Research and development) and testing ability has also all-round displayed. Omnik is totally capable of simulating various standardized testing in the lab which provide a reliable guarantee for our volume production.

In the context of the country’s energy saving and emission reduction, and under the PV industry advance by leaps and bounds, Omnik is trying her best to devote our contribution to energy saving and environmental protection with our own hands.