Omnik Hit the Market by Showing at SNEC with New Product

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On May 24, the first opening day of SNEC had gathered more than 1500 solar enterprises. Omnik New Energy Co. Ltd’s stand was crowded by a large amount of visitors who were attracted by the new product release conference and participated the interaction actively.

Omnik Hit the Market by Showing at SNEC with New Product

At half past ten, the ‘New Trend---Omnik New Product Release Conference’ was held in front of the Omnik’s stand location. Mr. Zhao Lei, the general manager of Omnik New Energy, unveiled the new product with special guest and gave the welcome speech. Manager of research department Mr.Zhang Zhiguo overall introduced the brand new Omniksol-4K/5K/6K-TL2-TH, especially its characteristics and advantages. Including the partners from Holland, there were more than 200 people attended this release conference.

The first show of low-power three phase inverter

Omnik’s new low-power three phase inverter unveiled itself for the first time in SNEC and it attracted the attention from both experts and users. Comparing with the traditional single phase inverter, Omniksol-4K/5K/6K-TL2-TH not only can provide intelligent solution for roof solar usage, but also can be adapted in small commercial power stations. Under the same power, the new product can realize the low current and less influence to the grid. Both single and dual connection can be used which lower the cost of cable. Omniksol-4K/5K/6K-TL2-TH has followed the market trend and needs, realized the high-level intelligence and more user friendly. Advanced the anti-shading function can improve the generating capacity. The updated TF card and multiple communication interfaces convenient the global users to a great extent.

Omnik Hit the Market by Showing at SNEC with New Product

Omniksol-4K/5K/6K-TL2-TH is the representative of new concept residential inverter, its high energy efficiency, high intelligence and humanization design must lead the technology revolution and becomes the new hit in solar market.

Award ceremony of ‘Search the most beautiful roof power plant’

Since 2011, Omnik New Energy has sold its inverters to the whole world. There are more than 200 thousands power stations are using Omnik’s inverters now. To share these beautiful stations with the world and also award their contribution in environment protection and energy-saving, Omnik will select one winner each month start from the May of 2016.

To join in this campaign, participants need to provide the photos of power stations with Omnik inverters and additional information, like the location, installation date, the model of inverter and personal opinions etc. At the end of each month, Omnik will choose one winner and award with surprise prize. The first winner of May is Gutuo, an installation company from Nanjing. Gutuo followed the poverty-alleviation policy and helped build the 5kw roof power plants in Qilin town, Shandong province. This project helps the local residents to save money for older life. In ceremony, the big surprise for Gutuo is two persons’ fancy trip to Fiji!

Omnik Hit the Market by Showing at SNEC with New Product

Omnik: the leader of inverter research

Omnik New Energy Co.Ltd is an innovative high technology enterprise. The core team members are all from prestigious academic institutions around the world. By collaborating with institutions and universities, like Technical University of Munich Energy Department, Omnik has master the advanced technologies and practice them into research and manufacture which guarantee its competitiveness in international market.

Omnik New Energy Co. Ltd has already successfully developed the Omniksol-1K/2K, 3K/4K/5K-TL2 series whose efficiency are up to 98.2%. Besides, they have acquire international certifications which including TUV, VDE, G83, SAA, inmetroe etc.. Omnik’s superior quality and exclusive after-sales services have impressed all the customers.

Omnik Hit the Market by Showing at SNEC with New Product

Omnik Hit the Market by Showing at SNEC with New Product

Omnik has established first class R&D department and they obtain more than 10 patents in renewable energy industry each year. Being the development leader of inverter industry, Omnik has the full range of inverters including single phase inverter (Omniksol-1k-TL2---Omniksol-5k-TL2), three phase inverter (Omniksol-6k-TL2---Omniksol-35k-TL2) and Micro inveter.

The new released low-power three phase product (Omniksol-4K/5K/6K-TL2-TH) well prove Omnik’s innovation spirit. And Omnik has the confident that this new product will attract the attention from market and become the new focus.