Solar and nuclear power will be the focus of new energy development

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Recently, the expert in Chinese Academy of Sciences says that the development of new energy will focus on solar power and nuclear power.

In terms of nuclear energy, the experts advocate to develop the nuclear power but in the mainland. They hope that the nuclear power can enter into the navy. It will be limitlessness to develop nuclear power in order to expanding the power of the navy and warships.

However, the third generation of power generation technology will replace the first and second. They also think that the PV power technology should strengthen the construction of water solar accumulation and storage base. This will be not only inexpensive, but also can effectively avoid the use of farmland.

The third generation PV power technology It has the features of green, high efficiency, low price and long life. Among them, to be green is the biggest advantage. The core technology of to be green is the solar refining silicon. The feature is to take use of solar power. Although it is highly energy-consummated, but they consume solar power instead of electricity power. In this sense, the pollution brought by the third generation PV power technology will be zero.

Due to some reasons, the current PV solar power industry has been in a cold winter, but as long as the companies insist on technological innovation and try their best to improve the quality of products, the spring for photovoltaic industry is coming soon.