Searching World's Most Beautiful PV Power Station

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Searching World's Most Beautiful PV Power Station

Omnik New Energy’s inverters have been applied in lots of PV power stations all over the world. To share all these beautiful stations with the world, and also award our customers’ contribution in protecting the environment and saving energy. Omnik New Energy will hold the long-term collective of “ARE YOU THE ONE ?-----Searching World’s Most Beautiful PV Power Station ”activity, we warmly welcome all our dear customers and installers to participate in this campaign.

When to start -- May 2016

What to prepare -- Brief introduction and photos!!

1. Photos:  the photos of power stations and inverters. The resolution should achieve 150dpi and please send the photos in appendix.

2. Brief introduction:

 -- Customer commentstell us what you think about the station!

 -- location

 -- Installation date

 -- Application environment: Summarize the environment features. For example, this station covers ×× yards, the ground is plain, the southeast is higher and the place is at an elevation of about xx meters above sea level etc.

 -- Project scale

 -- Product type and quantity

 -- Customers’ benefits: Scientific research/ commercial use/ personal use……please supply the detail information.

What is the prize:

    We will choose one winner each month and send him or her the well-prepared prize. Let us surprise you!

Email address:

Please send your photos to,

If you have any questions, we are here for you!