Why Container PV Inverter?

Date: 11/18 Viewed (2790) Label: solar inverterPV inverter

The PV inverter is one of most important components of the PV power plant. With the dramatic increase of the global PV power plant, the container-shaped solar inverter plan has quickly become the mainstream of the market. But why the container PV inverter? 

Its cost is low and the market selection is the first criteria. As soon as the container inverter was released, it quickly won its important role in the market. But why? The reason is simple and obvious. Its advantage is seen on its shorter term of construction work and its project cost. The mainstream container-shaped inverter house is usually equipped with two 500KW inverters. According to the requirements of the buyers, it can further integrate the direct current box and other devices, and so an independent PV on-grid power generating system unit will be created. Apart from the simple flat floor and foundation, the container plan has no other requirements. The inverter can be installed to any spot you think possible by using a crane-like machine. This can meet the needs of the buyer and the requirements of construction time and project cost the EPC unit to the project. Also, this makes the construction work easier and less dangerous. 

The pv inverter system is used in different circumstances. Not only does the inverter house need good heat-dissipation, but also it needs a dust, water and rotting proof environment. The container-shaped inverter house has already integrated heat-dissipation, protection and other functions into the solar inverter products. 

Being as the global standard giant vessel, the container is not only used as the scheme platform in the PV industry and the power industry, but also in many other industries. 

The container datebase in the communications industry was originated from the “Black Box Plan” proposed by Sun in 2006. This box has a 20 feet standard container, with a server and power supplying appliances inside it. This design’s advantages are obvious, and it has quickly become the spotlight of the industry. Today, IBM, HP, Google, Microsoft and other giants have gradually joined the field. And these products have been installed in different parts of the world, including deserts and coastal areas. It can be used in the places similar to those where PV products are used. 

In the pv inverter industry, SMA, Siemens and other brands has released container type products since 2009, and have been used in many parts of the world too. Supported by lower cost, high efficiency and a good scheme platform, the container-shaped solar inverter will expand to more areas as the PV power plant market expands.