SunPower to Acquire SolarBridge for Inventing the Next Generation AC Module

Date: 11/19 Viewed (3045) Label: PV invertermicro inverter

The mainstream PV energy provider SunPower will acquire the micro inverter company SolarBridge Technologies. However, it has not publicized how much it will pay for the acquisition. 

SunPower is a company with great strength, while SolarBridge is one that is famous for micro inverter technology research. Once SunPower buys SolarBridge, it will be able to efficiently develop and operate the high efficiency modules for residential and commercial rooftop markets. 

In 2013, SolarBridge was among the top three micro inverter providers in the US in terms of revenue. At the beginning of 2013, it has expanded its business to the outside areas of the US. So far it has harvested some achievements in Australia. 

According to the prediction of HIS, AC modules can lower “soft cost”. Currently, labor force which accounts for a large proportion in the whole system of the US will be the fastest growing micro inverter type. Its annual growth can reach beyond by 100%, and can reach up to 800MW by 2018. 

SolarBridge announced in October that it had conducted a pick-up survey about the US installers. It noticed that users have various hardware choices in the market, so it is a challenge for installers to choose the best technology for practical use. 

These installers say that if without the assistance of the AC module or the micro inverter, they will have one quarter of unemployment. This proves to us that the AC PV technology is very beneficial to installation efficiency and profits.

According to one report of GTM Research in 2014, the pv inverter market is becoming more and more competitive than ever before, and integration is in progress now. 

In the US residential market, large installers have been integrating. For example, Solarcity acquired ZepSolar last year. And their focus has been on installation cost. HIS predicts that this trend will continue and become hot in 2005, because PV installers are continuing to optimize the whole system supply, and to simplify the path to the market.

SunPower’s boss and CEO Tom Werner says that by acquiring SolarBridge and its related micro inverter technologies, SunPower will help the company invent a new different product, which is specially used to optimize the company’s high efficiency solar panels. This is the beginning of integrated electronics to the excellent solar panels.