Smart Power Semiconductor Module PV Inverter Released by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Date: 11/27 Viewed (2840) Label: invertersolar PV systemPV inverterPV solar systemPV array

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will began to sell its newly-launched product--smart power semiconductor module inverter on November 28. This brand new product is specially used for the solar PV system which works to generate power for an ordinary family. 

This module is named “The Large PV Hybrid SiCDIPIPM”. The specialty of it is the SiC diode and its module No. is “PSH50YA2A6”. This product differs from other products in structure, which means the diode that is equipped with SiC is SBD, and its transistor with CSTBT. 

According its introduction, this newly-launched smart power semiconductor module inverter works much more efficiently, for its efficiency rate is approximately 25% higher than the same type of products of the past. By applying the new technology, the PV solar system can lower its power consumption, and thus the AC conversion rate can be improved. 

Apart from this amazing feature, this brand new inverter has also changed its short circuit protection method. In this product its short circuit protection method is taking about 1‰ of the collector current from the IGBT and examining the small current of this part. This method is pretty good, for it can help make the whole PV array become smaller in the future.