Smallest Three Phase String Inverter of the World First Appears in Shanghai, China

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The smallest three phase string inverter of the world first appeared in Shanghai, China on April 29, 2015. The solar inverter was designed and launched by Omnik New Energy from Suzhou, China. Omnik is a solar inverter manufacturer which focuses on researching and manufacturing string inverters, and it attended many different international solar energy expos in the world. For example, Omnik attended the British Sustainable and Energy Exhibition Ecobuild in March, the Solar Solutions 2015 in the Netherlands in early April and the SNEC PV Power Expo in Shanghai in late April. At the expo the company grandly released its newly-designed product---a 10 kW “omniksol-10k-TL2” three phase inverter, which only weighs 22 kg and is today’s smallest three phase string phase inverter of the world.

Smallest Three Phase String Inverter

It is reported that at the product-releasing site, Omnik’s global sales deputy general manager Andy Liu introduced the new activities of Omnik to the audience on site. Omnik is the first inverter manufacturer who has launched the multi-layer and comprehensive wire and wireless control panels, and it is also a manufacturer whose all series of products have passed the Solarif tests and has been underwritten by Ping An of China. In addition, the company has built its offices and service centers in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia and Shanghai. Its amazing specialty is it is the only inverter supplier with the online computer terminal and mobile terminal after-sales service platform. Its market shares are increasing rapidly. So far it has occupied 30% of the market share in Benelux, 20% in the UK and over 20% in Australia.

snec shanghai 2015 new product inverter

As for its technology and research, Omnik’s deputy technology general manager Mr. Zhang introduced technology innovations of this three phase inverter. The inverter series “omniksol-10k-TL2” is designed with high power density, and if it is in the same power period, it is the smallest and lightest with the highest power density. Its 10 kW product only weighs 22 kg, while most products of this type usually weigh 35 kg or so. This is 40% lighter than all others, which guarantees these products can help save so much cost for its installation, transportation and logistics. At the same time its inside is designed with the world’s cutting-edge wireless connection, and its outside inductive welding is welded to the inductive plate. By installing a screw, the inductive plate can be fastened to the main power plate and the wave-filtering plate. There is no wire inside the product, which lowers the malfunction rate the most, so that its reliability and security can be perfectly improved.

Finally, the PV industrial media had an interview with the founder of Omnik Franz Zhao, who said with the German enterprise background, Omnik has always been focusing on only one product and makes it the best. Solar inverters are a big product chain. Omnik pours all its energy into the string inverter market segment and is working to manufacture the perfect product. Every two years it will release one new product, and it aims to use the newest technology to its products as soon as possible, so as to make its products have the best values in the eyes of consumers. However, high reliability and low cost contradict each other in nature. For Omnik, this will never be a serious problem, for it specializes in the pursuit of perfection. It makes its products smaller and smaller, and so product costs can become lower and lower. In the future renewables will continue expanding and become more and more publicized, but the precondition is all their power generation and consumption terminals must be intelligentized. As for user experience, Omnik has also invented bunches of smart software to help its end users more easily experience the excellence of its products.