Omnik brand new type PV inverter will been launched in the world

Date: 06/20 Viewed (4880) Label: invertersolarPV inverter

The world leading solar power one-stop solution provider——ET Solar Group (hereinafter referred as ET) has announced that they will release the new series of high efficiency、high reliability and high stability inverter brand——Omnik in the world.

Omnik inverter includes rich products, such as signal phase inverterthree phase inverterhybrid inverter and micro inverter etc. .and all the series has obtained VDE、G83、SAA、ENEL etc. international authority certification. Furthermore, all the products adopt the integrated topology structure、multi MPPT design、high quality and high stability components which make inverters wider in DC input voltage range and higher in MPPT dynamic accuracy. Thus, the conversion efficiency of entire PV power generation system increases largely.

Omniksol-2.0k-T has been tested by authority agency that the conversion efficiency of below 3kw ranked top 1 in the world. What’s more, the conversion efficiency of new generation Omnik signal phase inverter is as high as 97.8%.

The president and CEO Haifeng She said: “We are glad to release our own inverter products and serve PV power stations. Inverter is very key in the power station operation and the quality is very important. We believe that the new efficiency and high performance Omnik inverter products can not only meet the customers’ demands and bring more clean energy, but also promote the development of new energy industry.”