China Electric Power Research Institute Finished Module Parameters Identification for PV Inverters

Date: 11/20 Viewed (2549) Label: Solar PowerPV inverter

A few days ago, China’s National Energy Solar Center had a meeting about the previous PV inverter module parameters module identification and experimental work. 

Why do we need to do the job? The reason is by doing the module parameters identification job, we will have more basic module and data support for the safety and stability analysis, and operation and control of the large scale PV power generation’s electric system. This test has set the inverter’s power to 500KW, covering all varieties of working condition modules, which include great grid voltage disturbance, order control with or without power, small grid voltage disturbance, irradiance disturbance and other tests, 260 in total. Based on the tests’ date, the China Electric Power Institute conducted the parameters identification and module check work, and has obtained the accurate pv inverter modules and parameters. 

In recent years, China’s PV power generation has boomed, and many more than 1,000,000KW PV power plants have been built. Accurate modules and parameters are the basis of PV power generation’s on-grid stability analysis, and of control measures making. In the counties where new energy power generation has become mature, related laws and on-grid rules have been made, which require device manufacturers and power station operators to provide the grid deployment institutes with proved PV power plant grid-connecting analysis modules. 

With so much work done for the PV power generation module building, parameters identification and on-grid analysis, the China Electric Power Institute has established the PV power plant modules which are suitable for the power system’s analysis and stability. This is a great contribution.