Introduction of solar inverter

Date: 06/18 Viewed (1835)

Solar Inverter is one of the most important components in a solar power plant system. its function is to convert DC into AC.

Solar inverters are also called PV inverters, solar PV inverters or PV solar inverters. In the whole power generation process, solar panels do half the power generation job, and they do the other part. They have at least three types: grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid. The three types are used in the grid-tie, off-grid and hybrid systems respectively. The only Hybrid inverter can be mixed to use in different operating type at grid-tie , off-grid and battery backup mode. But the Grid-tie and off-grid can not be used at mixed solar system.

All the power in a solar system flows through the solar inverter. Any fault with the inverter will ultimately effect the functioning of the entire solar system. Therefore, the solar inverter becomes the most critical component of a good solar system. The efficiency of the solar system depends much on the working of the solar inverter.

Their efficiency directly leads to the total efficiency of the whole solar PV system. Therefore, their efficiency is also a focal point. The highest conversion rate even reach up to 99% in theory. Inverters for large-scale factories can reach an efficiency of 98.5%, and those for home can be as efficient as 97% or so. The space for conversion rate is not large, and so manufacturers are trying to improve their attached functions such as cooling system and topology.

Omnik is an innovative high technology Sino-German joint venture, specializes in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of solar (PV) inverters.