China-Australia in the field of solar energy reached a new level

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China will invite the authority of experts of the Australian Solar energy who are Solar Energy Society Australia CEO JohnGrimes and authoritative technical experts GlenMorris, to train the use of the Australian PV subsidy policy, project planning, knowledge of market demand, access to certification, industry standards, market operations skills.  This is essential knowledge for china's solar photovoltaic products provider, system integrator and project operators to enter the Australian PV market . Observers believe that,  the trains  represent  China-Australia reached a new level in the field of solar energy.

The theme of the trains is 'Australia solar photovoltaic market access and supply and marketing channel training ' to meet the shift in the focus of the international solar energy market and the rise of new markets in Asia, Australia, South America, the Middle East, Africa market solar. The training is Suitable for cells, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic inverter, all kinds of parts, batteries, LED manufacturing companies and system integrators, project operators.

Recently, America's double anti-preliminary to China solar cells, have been another hit for downturn of the Chinese solar PV industry, plus the European PV market uncertainty, many companies are seeking new market opportunities. It is learned that in order to strengthen international cooperation and exchange of the solar industry, solar manufacturing and application of market cross-border cooperation, and enhance the strong integration of the international solar energy industry chain, as early as March 29, the China Renewable Energy Society and  Australia Solar Energy Society(referred to as "AuSES") formally signed <Australia solar strategic cooperation memorandum> in Beijing, which has laid a solid foundation for China to exploit Australian solar market, open a close docking of advanced solar technology research and development in Australia with Chinese solar manufacturer, China solar energy partnership cooperation model for the directional supply of products and the Australian market for solar energy applications, which is a two-way communication and positive interaction mode, it will greatly promote the solar energy industry of the two countries to leapfrog to a high level, high efficiency.

Light resources of Australia ranked first in the world, more than 80% of surface light intensity over 2000 kilowatts / square meter / hour which provides a very favorable environment to develop  the solar energy, and the market potential is huge.

At present, more than one million Australian households have access to solar hot water, more than 500,000 households already use solar panels to generate electricity. Solar energy has been into the thousands of families, the future will be gradually expanded.

Australian solar industry and the community is very much welcome the Chinese solar energy products, but in recent years, due to the different of the natural environment, cultural backgrounds and industry standard, make some enterprises which develop Australian market setbacks, through participation overwhelmed training will be in-depth understanding for austira's project planning, market demand, industry standards and operating environment and will bring incalculable potential economic benefits for enterprises.