China Sets New Solar Installation Target for 2015

Date: 03/19 Viewed (2835) Label: PV industrychina

As a newcomer in the solar PV industry, China is not new in developing it. According to the new announcement of the National Energy Administration (ANE), China has raised its solar installation target to 17.8 gigawatts of solar projects for 2015, serving as one of the most important methods to fight against air pollution.

Last year the second largest economy China signed an agreement with the largest economy U.S., aiming to cap carbon emissions by 2030. Since then, the two countries have been working to achieve this target set by the agreement, and China has become prominent in playing this role, with total solar power installations reaching up to 12 gigawatts. In contrast, the U.S. appears a little pale, with 7.3 gigawatts of installed capacity.

According to the Renewable Energy World report, the global carbon emissions has stopped rising for the first time in the past 40 years. No doubt, the world’s carbon emitters including China and the U.S. have made a great contribution to this result. The report says China’s emissions fell 2%, but they have never dropped since 2001. Therefore, this progress is welcoming.

As China’s solar projects expand, less emissions will be released in the future, but who will benefit from this? Obviously all the Chinese civilians will benefit in general in terms of polluted air reduction. In addition, those who manufacture solar products such as PV panels and inverters will benefit a lot from this national move too.